What is the history of Stamford's Old Town Hall?

The first town hall to occupy the site was constructed in 1871.  Following a devastating fire in 1904, the architects Edgar Josselyn and Nathan Mellon were hired in 1905 to design a new town hall.  The three-story building was constructed in the very popular Beaux Arts style.  Its original purpose was to house the office of the mayor,  city officials, the police station, courthouse, and even a horse stable.  After World War II this building could not accommodate the increasing demand for municipal services and offices in the growing City of Stamford.  By 1963, the only city operations left in Old Town Hall were the town clerk, the judge of probate,  and the registrars of voters.  In 1972 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It became vacant in 1988.  Renovations to the Old Town Hall began in 2008 and were completed in 2010.

How is Old Town Hall currently used?

The building has been renovated to accommodate multiple uses including long term commercial rental;  public exhibition space, and event rental space.

How can I rent Old Town Hall?

Individuals, not-for-profit organizations (501-C3) and companies may rent Old Town Hall event spaces for their office events.  All Public Rooms are included in your rental, but capacity requirements apply to individual rooms.  Please see Floor Plans under Leasing Tab for capacity limits for Old Town Hall public rooms.  20% deposit must be submitted with your application to confirm your reservation; 100% payment is due 30 days in advance.  Submit the deposit with your application and copies of applicable catering licenses, to the Old Town Hall Events Coordinator.  The Special Event Application is located under the "Event Planning" tab, or click HERE.

Rental Rates

Not-for-Profit organizations (501-C3) and/or a Stamford resident using the facility for personal use such as: private party, wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday:    $1000.  For Profit organizations and non-Stamford residents:  $2500

Your rental includes use of all public rooms, and is only rented to one client per day.  

Full payment must be received 30 days in advance, or if less than 30 days, in form of Cashier's Check.


Note additional fees apply:

$25 per hour, minimum of four (4) hours for Custodial services (1 employee for groups less than 50, 2 employees provided for groups of 50 or more).  

$25 per hour for Security Guard (applicable to groups of 50 or more).


Regarding CANCELATIONS:  A refund will be expedited to the client if  they were to cancel within 60 days prior to the event, please allow 30 days to process. 


All caterers must provide CURRENT LICENSES that will be kept on file with the City of Stamford Health department.


Decorating in this old and historic building must be done under the supervision of the Old Town Hall Facility Manager.  All materials used for decorating must be in compliance with Connecticut State Fire Codes.  Candles are not permitted in the facility.  Use of nails and screws are not permitted in any part of Old Town Hall.   Nothing may hang from or be attached to any lighting fixture.   No tape of any kind is allowed on wallpaper or painted surfaces.  Old Town Hall is not responsible for any materials or items used.  If the building is open prior to the event for the purpose of decoration, the time will be included as part of your use.  Please contact the Facility Manager to coordinate any decorations.


All deliveries must be made through the Bank St. entrance and should be coordinated with the Facility Manager.

Clean Up

Clean up of the rented space after an event must be fully completed at the end of your event.  It is the responsibility of the user's caterer to check with the Facility Manager in advance concerning the specific rules for clean up, the number of hours required by personnel to accommodate the clean up and closing of the building at the end of the event. 


Certified Liability Insurance is required for your event, usually held by Caterers.  Click on the following link for sample and amounts required (Click here for ATTACHED SAMPLE) with minimum requirements is required for use of the building.  Insurance certificates must be provided to the Old Town Hall Event Coordinator with your application.


Security will be provided through the Facility Manager.  

Use of Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed inside the building, only if the user obtains the necessary State license and gains the necessary State and City permits.   Some Caterer's, in addition to their catering license, may also have a liquor license,  in either case copies of these permits must be on file with the City of Stamford - Health Department  30 days prior to the scheduled event.

What is Not Allowed

No Smoking - No Pets - No Tipping any Old Town Hall staff.

Appointment to Visit Old Town Hall  

We welcome you to see the Old Town Hall building for yourself.  Call Marc Lyons, Old Town Hall Facility Manager,  at 203-223-4316 to make an appointment.